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The Northern California Historically Black College and University Alumni Associations Coalition a.k.a. HBCUC is a 501c3 organization consisting of alumni members of HBCU/UNCF institutions. The HBCUC aggressively seeks students through community outreach and recruitments who may be interested in attending our institutions of higher education by providing college awareness and informing students of required college preparations. As a Coalition, we have participated in college fairs in locations such as church centers, middle and high schools, community colleges in Northern and Central California, Oakland’s Black Expo, and the Black College Expo.

​Our mission is that our HBCU Coalition will inform parents, guardians and  students from middle school through high school and transfer students from community colleges to realize that a four year college admission is attainable. In order to maintain one of our purposes, recruiting and informing Bay Area students about the possibilities of a college education is high priority to our organization.

The HBCUC is an organization that is working to make a positive impact. We gladly welcome your assistance in helping us provide college materials, scholarship information, and post secondary education requirements about our Alma Maters as-well-as provide hope to our Bay Area students. We encourage HBCU alumni, businesses, and any one that can assist us in our efforts on behalf of HBCU alumni and the youth that we serve.​ 

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The main function of this organization is to promote and preserve Historical Black Colleges and Universities (HBCU) by supporting their respective alumni chapters in Northern California through sponsorship of educational, economic, political and social activities.  

One of our most critical functions is to support, encourage, mentor, educate and prepare the next generation of young minds for the future. One of the ways to ensure a successful future is to create an awareness that this next generation of youth has the ability to obtain a solid education at any of the 105 Historical Black Colleges and Universities at undergraduate and graduate levels and have the confidence that they will be able to contribute to society in a global stance.

This organization serves as the guiding force of the HBCU alumni chapters in Northern California to do the following:

  • Establish a medium of serving and supporting the HBCU's  and area youth, parents, school administrators, teachers and guidance counselors and others in the advancement of higher education;

  • Clearly articulate that HBUCs are a viable alternative for an education resource. In conjunction with this purpose, the HBCU Coalition has established and is committed to an annual scholarship program for local area students’ who have selected an HBCU to attend;


  • Provide support for incoming and continuing students at HBCUs in their education, economic and employment endeavors while in school and after completion of studies;   

  • Foster closer fellowship and promote positive opportunities among HBCU alumni chapters, associates and friends of the 105 HBCUs in Northern California and throughout the nation.  

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Whether you help through monetary donations, volunteering your time, or spreading our mission through word-of-mouth, thank you. We couldn't accomplish our goals without the help of supporters like you.